Welcome to IMPACT
IMPACT was created to do exactly what the name suggests, make an impact!
We want to create impactful relationships with Companies, sporting clubs & communities to continue the conversation around Mental Health awareness. 
Within these partnerships so far we have been able to travel the country hosting events, running online and in person workshops and programs, and supplying the companies employees/communities with Shaka Merchandise at a wholesale price. This allowed our impact to expand on a massive scale. 
Our main priority with Shaka IMPACT is to get involved with different industries, workplaces, sporting clubs and communities and create impactful relationships with the individuals that live and work within them.
We want to ignite the conversation with as many people as we possibly can. 
This is where you can help. 
No matter the size of your community, you can make an impact. 
Fill in your details via the link below & our impact team will be in touch with you ASAP. 
Let's get this conversation louder, together. 🤙🏼
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