The Shaka Project was created in January 2019 with one goal in mind- 
Ignite the conversation!
The project was a side passion project that was inspired by my own Mental Health journey that started at the age of 15, and still is part of my life now- 15 years later. 
Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bi-Polar whatever it may be, mental health challenges are a huge part of peoples lives here in Australia. Throughout the last 15 years, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD has played a huge roll in my every day life- suicide ideation, self harm and suicide attempts are now engraved moments in my own MH journey. It is this personal journey that encouraged my to create this project. 
When i first started to experience poor mental health, i noticed the huge stigma around Men seeking help, or even speaking up about Mental Health. This was a frightening realisation, i knew i needed help- but i was scared to do so. 
When i started the project, this was something i knew i needed to change. Crushing the stigma around Mental Health, especially in Men was a huge fete- and something i had absolutely no idea how to do: but i knew i had to try. 
Since 2019 we have been fortunate enough to grow from a simple idea to a now nationally recognised charity. We have presented to over 10,000 students, athletes and employees of companies all over Australia and have sold close to 45,000 conversation starters to customers all over the globe. 
What are the conversation starters? 
Our tee-shirts, hoodies, caps, singlets etc: 
These products are used for one reason- Ignite the conversation!
The idea behind using merchandise to ignite the conversation was to get people asking the question ''allgoodbro?'' when they see a shaka, to inspire people to wear the Shaka in public as a display for empathy and understanding around Mental Health. The Shaka itself is a permission slip, and those who wear it are giving anyone around thek full permission to talk, check in, and feel safe when it comes to talking about their own Mental Health. 
The statistics on Suicide can be summed up pretty quick, heart breaking. Our goal is create a more open & safe environments to discuss Mental Health, to seek support and to crush the stigma that is unfortunately killing our loved ones. 
Help us change the stats, help us save our mates. 








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